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The distribution of Consumer Medicine Information is integrated into Dispensing Software packages and available in real-time using our proprietary application.

Improved Consumer Medicine Information

Sponsors can now submit IFUs and Patient Leaflets via the Secure Data Warehouse.

Instructions for Use and Patient Leaflets now available

A centralised source of approved Australian medicine information for consumers and health professionals that is up to date, free of charge and contains no advertising.

Medicines Information processes the CMIs, PIs, Instructions for Use, Patient Leaflets and Drug Images on behalf of pharmaceutical companies into a variety of formats via our Secure Data Warehouse.

This information is distributed to a wide network including pharmacies, medical publishers, TGA, consumer web sites, health information providers and many more.

Medicines Information specialises in providing pharmaceutical companies with a cost-effective and efficient way to store, manage and distribute their medicines information.

About Medicines Information

Offering a range of download options including RSS feeds, web services & APIs, to publish medicine information.

Pharmaceutical companies can streamline their distribution by seamlessly obtaining the latest medicine information from the Secure Data Warehouse and distributing them at point of dispense, on their own websites, TGA eBS, health information providers websites, QR codes & apps.

Provide a single distribution point of the most up-to-date medicine information to the Australian healthcare industry in real-time.

Distribution Services

The SDWH enables pharmaceutical companies the management, distribution, storage and reporting, of their medicine information.

Health information providers including dispense software vendors, Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), medical publishers, health industry organisations, and health app developers, access pharmaceutical companies’ most current information through numerous methods facilitated through the SDWH.

The Secure Data Warehouse (SDWH) is a trusted, purpose-built and accessible source of information about medicines.

Secure Data Warehouse

Need to alert the pharmacy network of product defect alerts and recalls quickly and easily? 

Regulatory Alerts Communication Solution  

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