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Medicines Information supports its Sponsors and the delivery of medicines information to Australians through the following products:

The Secure Data Warehouse is an online application, which allows: 

Pharmaceutical companies (Sponsors) to control the distribution of their Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) and Product Information (PI), Instructions for Use, Patient Leaflets and Drug Images to approved user; Health information providers (On-distributors) such as publishers, government agencies and industry associations.

Distributing Consumer Medicine Information to Point of Dispense (eCMI)

eCMI enables pharmaceutical companies (Sponsors) to have their CMIs widely disseminated across all points of distribution in Australia.

Without the printed leaflet in the pack, Sponsors reduce the risk of out-of-date medicines information existing in the marketplace and recalls or repackaging associated with significant changes to the CMI.

Pharmacy CMI (eCMI)

Medicines Information distributes Product Information (PI) via the Secure Data Warehouse.

The PI is a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved document which we maintain with precisely the same content as supplied by the pharmaceutical companies (Sponsors).

Medicines Information supports both Sponsors and health information providers (On-distributor) by providing a central repository of PIs, a rigorous version control system, and single point of distribution.

Product Information (PIs)

Medicines Information have a library of the largest standards-based, high resolution photographic images of solid oral dosage forms for inclusion into dispensing and prescribing software programs and other health information providers systems.

The image sets we distribute contains the appearance information as approved by the pharmaceutical companies and version controlled.

The Photographic Drug Images database is available for licensing.

Drug Image Library

The Instructions for Use Leaflets & Videos, as well the Patient Leaflets play an important role in supporting the patient with their medication.

We can store and distribute pharmaceutical companies Instructions for Use Leaflets & Videos and Patient Leaflets to the marketplace.

With the population increasingly using smart devices, these materials can be used with QR codes and links in the new CMI format to enrich the patients knowledge of the medication they are using.

Instructions for Use & Patient Leaflets

Medicines Information is helping keep Australians safe through the provision and delivery of CMIs and PIs in a variety of different formats such as standard and large print, synthetic audio and html for websites.

Medicines Information established the to support the National Strategy for the Quality Use of Medicines. 

The National Strategy’s goal is to make the best possible use of medicines to improve health outcomes for all Australians. Medicines Information supports this goal by giving free access to the authorised, approved, up-to-date information about medicines available for use in Australia.

Sponsor Consumer Medicine Information (CMIs) and/or Product Information (PIs) websites are linked to our database and benefit from real time updates.

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